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Note: We specialize in large groups, but we are also the most flexible, agile, and adaptable company in the area.  Be sure to compare our head-to-head services before you choose:

  • Small Groups: We host games for groups as small as eight players.

  • Parties for Children: Our Party TAG & Battle TAG are great for birthday parties  with 8-18 players and children ages 4-9.  Children as young as eight can use our Sport Set.

  • Large Events: We regularly host large events for 1000+ participants by rotating groups through our station.  
    We've hosted huge events for Brigham Young University & BYU Football, University of Utah, Utah State University, Utah Valley University, Neumont University, Springville High
    School, Tooele High School, Lone Peak High School, Mountain View High School, Timpanogos High School, Spanish Fork High School & SFHS Football, Payson High School,
    Bingham High School, Scenic View Academy, Liberty Academy, Telos, Challenger School, 4H, Seven Peaks, Omniture, Xango, Qualtrics, 1800CONTACTS, ROTC and more.

  • Low Cost: We can find a solution to meet any budget and will beat any advertised price.

  • Quality: We offer a 100-Percent Satisfaction, Money-Back+ Guarantee.

Classic Laser Tag: Vests, smoke, maze, and music.

Command Deck in Provo: Situated near the children's play area at the Provo Towne Centre, this modern laser tag arena is bright, clean, safe, and high tech.  Multiple digital
scoreboards inside and outside of the arena display real-time scores and game stats along with a live video feed of the action.  Equipment displays ammo and health-points and
features RFID technology for scanning ammo dumps and re-spawn bases.  Themed to target children ages 12 and under, Command Deck is family-friendly and perfect for birthday
parties, but the close-quarters arena is an intense challenge for players of any age.  Players are never forced to combine with others they don't know, and group discounts begin with as
few as four players.  Recommended for small group of 2-8 players, dates, families, and children.  Priced for short play with steep discounts for longer sessions.  Walk-ins welcome.

Laser Assault in Provo: Classic arena laser tag for small groups of less than ten players that are looking for a quick, free-for-all skirmish.  Utah's largest, multi-level, plywood arena and
few "enforced" restrictions make Laser Assault more fun for teens and adults, but may not be as safe for small children.  Facility also has miniature golf.  Recommended for single or
small group dates with little planning involved.  Priced for short play.  Expect to be combined with other small groups.  Walk-ins welcome.

Nickel City in Orem:  Classic arena laser tag for small groups with a black-light arena themed for psychedelic thrills.  Equipment is standard industrial laser tag with a few innovative
props for extra challenge.  The arcade requires an entry fee, and individual games and laser tag sessions are an additional cost.  Recommended for small children.  Walk-ins welcome.

Laser Quest in Midvale: THE Classic laser tag experience.  More rules and less-complex arena make this site safer for younger children.  Priced for short play. Expect to be combined
with other small groups. Walk-ins welcome.

Low-End Fun Centers: Classic laser tag and other attractions at bargain prices.

Trafalga in Lehi:  Formerly "Liberty Land," this micro-amusement park is great for small children ages 8 and under.  Very restrictive rules (no running, or even crouching) but very safe for
small children.  Traditional laser tag is just one of many attractions. Outdoor rides mean the park is closed during the winter or bad weather, so check weather conditions before you
go.  Recommended for children's birthday parties.  Annual multi-park passes are under $50.  Walk-ins welcome.

Classic Fun Center in Sandy:  A rollerskating rink with other attractions, including classic laser tag.  A bit run down but the prices are low.  Good for casual fun and birthday parties for
young children.  Walk-ins welcome.

High-End Fun Centers:  Classic laser tag and other attractions at a premium price.

Boondocks in Draper: High-end family fun center with classic laser tag.  More expensive, but this is the highest-quality indoor facility with laser tag.  Lines are long and play is short, but
expect a safe and clean arena with functional equipment.  Good for dates and parties of all types.  Walk-ins welcome.

Mobile Laser Tag: Outdoor laser tag played in open fields around inflatable obstacles.  

Backyard Parties in West Jordan: Inflatable rental company also rents out up to 14 paint-ball markers modified to function as laser tag guns.  Must make reservations.  Be aware that
filling out the reservation form does not guarantee a reservation.  Company will try to respond within 24 hours, but reservations are not made until you are contacted.

Moving Target Mobile Laser Tag in Riverton (Closed):  Backyard-enthusiast, laser tag experience at your location. Complex setup, but simple play.  Recommended for those who are
interested in outdoor laser tag, but just want to keep it simple.  
Realistic equipment may be dangerous in public places.  Not recommended for children.  Guns are a bit heavy and
industrial but work well for adults.  Prices comparable to most indoor arenas.  Must make reservations.

Battlefield Live in Eagle Mountain (Closed):  Die-Hard Commandos in full Camo.  Recommended for large corporate or carnival events and military enthusiasts.  Realistic equipment
may be dangerous in public places.  Not recommended for children.
 Guns are very heavy and industrial but work well for adults.  Highest prices in Utah.  Must make reservations.

Mission2Go (Closed): Inflatable obstacles and realistic laser tag guns to go.  Company website is still under construction.

Disclaimer: Tactical Action Games does NOT endorse or recommend the use of realistic equipment in public places.  Click Here for safety guide.

Mobile Amusement:  Multiple games and novelties, including outdoor laser tag.

Gamin'Ride in Draper (SLC New Owner):  This fun center on wheels has video games, sumo suits, hamster balls, and other novelties, including simple outdoor laser tag.  Good for
tweens through college-age participants.  Price is high for a party of less than twenty, but decent for large events where laser tag is just one of many stations that people can rotate
through.  Recommended for college, student-body parties and other large (60+), free-flowing events where participants don't know others in the group and aren't interested in team
activities.  Must make reservations.

Low-End Laser Tag: Non laser tag facilities with laser tag on the side at bargain prices.

Ultimate Sports Laser Tag in Lindon (Closed):   Inexpensive indoor laser tag for small birthday parties.  This baseball training facility can be setup for laser tag games for groups of 10-
16.  Transition from batting cages to paintball bunkers takes some time, and baseball is the primary business, so schedule ahead. No walk-ins.

Scenario-Objective Action Pursuit: Night Games... with Guns!

Frontline Tactical Action Games in Utah Valley (Since 2004):  Remember, if you are looking for an immersive, action-packed, high-intensity, team-based activity for groups of 16-60
participants, no one does it better than us!  If you are planning a group date, company party, church activity, family reunion, team-building session, large birthday party, or events for
scouts or other youth organizations, then we humbly recommend ourselves.  We guarantee, you will not have a better experience anywhere else!

We don't mind referring you to our competitors if you really are just looking for some quick & casual fun.  Our services do not fit that description.  Those who have played with us will be
the first to tell you that we are not a laser tag company.  We only use laser tag technology as a tool for our real product, which is Extreme Night Games!  No one else offers a product or
experience that even comes close!  But don't take our word for it.  Check out our
Testimonials and see what our customers are saying about us.