“…it was DANG FUN!... PUT LASER ASSAULT OUT OF BUSINESS! It is worthless compared to UVtag. Thanks!”-Jake H.

“This lazer tag freakin' rocks. It actually takes brains to play this game!...”-Alex Q.

“…It was the funnest thing that I have done all summer…” -Matt W.

“Nowhere else comes even close to how much fun I've had here.” -Scott M.

“It was awesome! This just doesn't compare to anything else, whether you play somewhere else with laser guns, or with airsoft guns, etc. It's one of a kind… Everyone should try!” -Bryan M.

“This is certainly the best of the best! I have never had an experience like this when it comes to fast, realistic lazer tagging.” -Janae C.

“I keep telling people that they don't know what lasertag is! It was great, and I loved it.”-Amelia B.

“I had a blast, it's an awesome program and much more realistic and entertaining than anything else that I have done.”-Garrett J.

“I never knew the meaning of Laser Tag until I played Frontline Laser Tag! It's a million times better than any other laser tag!” -Jason R.

“I'm definitely coming back! It's fun and totally worth your time and money! No regrets!!!”-Bryan M.

“I absolutely loved it! It was so much fun! Thank you for the awesome time!”-Brigg O.

“ …it was a BLAST! Thanks!”-Kristin H.

“Hey!! It was sooo much fun!!! I am still very pleased with T.A.G and I can't wait to play again!!! It's fun and challenging. It makes you think.” -Aja H.

“Thank you for the most awesome party ever given... The kids can't stop talking about it!” -Mary Sue S.

Tactical Team Building
Copyright © 2005 Tactical Action Games LLC.  All rights reserved
TAG specializes in hosting on-site laser tag activities for large groups.   
Our Frontline Division is a mobile, laser tag unit.  We come to you!
Don't think of us as a "lazertag" company.  We use laser tag technology, but
you won't be running around in a foggy, plywood maze.  With Frontline, you
can experience the intensity of large and complex battlefields.  Maneuver
through the woods, storm the office, or dominate your own backyard. We'll
host the event wherever it's most convenient for you.
Who is choosing Frontline TAG for Tactical Team Building?
Our instructors guide your experience by hosting scenario-objective missions.
You must work together with your team to capture bases, gather intel, rescue
hostages, and more!  Play standard elimination matches and team-objective
missions, or go all out with full-scale covert operations and re-enactment
Think night games...with guns!

We offer an intense, action-packed, team-based, tactical experience that is
unlike anything else!  But don't take our word for it...